Verifiable Evidence 2 (Paranormal Documentary)

Combing Youtube for some new evidence, we happened across this documentary from Pauling Paranormal Society. Apparently it’s a follow up to a documentary they released that was fairly successful. The quality is very impressive for a group not backed by any tv channel or anything. It follows 6 investigations, and Read more →

Real Ghost in Renovation Pics or Matrixing?

Saw this picture shared on Facebook. Not really sure on the back story, but if you look to the right hand side of the picture you can see what appears to be the figure of a man. His whole head and torso down to the waste area appear pretty clear Read more →

Ghost Image From Savannah’s Colonial Park Cemetary

Here’s a great image we found on Reddit, posted by user “Whitesmurf”. They said it was taken about fifteen minutes before nightfall at 1/6 second exposure. They were even cool enough to post the negative. You can clearly see a ball shaped image, that seems to be floating between the Read more →